Kelly Design Group offers full-scale landscape architecture services

Every project has cultural, ecological, and economic worth. The true measure of sustainable landscape design is in how those three key elements are recognized and addressed by the ensuing work. Kelly Design Group, LLC, has an excellent record of creating sustainable landscape design projects that function on multiple layers.

KDG LLC is listed by Walworth County as a preferred provider of plans for riparian sites.

See our landscape architecture portfolio for examples of sustainable landscape design as well as fine residential landscape design and commercial landscape architecture.

We offer site evaluation and consultancy for specific challenges of a site.

We may be asked to produce energy evaluations relative to solar access, potential for wind energy, and review of existing site elements. For example, KDG, LLC has become a consultant that is often involved with riparian owners and their cooperation in design with the county Environmental Enforcement reviewers.

Every project receives stormwater, and we can provide evaluations of mitigation techniques, stormwater management strategies, opportunities for stormwater harvesting and reuse, and amelioration of certain pollutant loads. Sediment loading is part of every storm event, yet an often missed element in the design of effective solutions. This component alone can cost the project owner a considerable amount of money in maintenance. While not all maintenance is avoidable, a great deal can be avoided by the proper design of the stormwater mitigation device. The appropriate placement and design of a stormwater system can produce a healthier site with more robust vegetation that costs the consumer less over the life of the project.

KDG provides landscape design services for multiple scale and scope projects.

While we do a great deal of design for discerning residential clients, we also have multiple projects in college campuses, youth camps, zoos and petting-zoos, resorts, condominium siting and design retrofit, public environments with ADA accessibility, churches, as well as historic re-creation projects, historic preservation projects and municipal and corporate designs to name a few.

KDG produces conceptual designs for entire projects or for phased construction.

Conceptual designs allow the project owner to guide the creation of their project through interaction and specific direction with our firm. We take pride in the fact that our designs are specific to each site and client. There is no common look or design detail, save that which the owner requests.

Our conceptual landscape designs are "to scale" and reflect actual grades on site. This may seem like a small detail, but the product allows our clients to make decisions based on physically accurate project designs.

After conceptual design we can produce full construction document sets for competitive bidding.

Full construction drawing sets include horizontal control plans, grading and drainage plans, construction detail sets, specifications, planting plans, lighting plans, and irrigation plans. We also provide specifications for bidding and billing. KDG has been involved in projects from initial discussions, land acquisition, design and design development, construction drawings, bid solicitation, project walk through, and client acceptance.

We also provide partial construction sets.

Partial construction sets are often used by owners or managers who desire plans that will allow them to either build the project themselves, or to obtain bid components from specific contractors. The net effect is a bid set built to your requirements.

We can help you select the appropriate drawing specificity level for your needs and project scale. You may only require a conceptual plan with several details, or some custom configuration of drawings. We will help you, the owner, select the appropriate level of service for your specific project.