Landscape Design Portfolio

Master plans, concepts, rendered presentations, quick conceptual sketches, detailed models - all work is unique for each design solution. You will not find one-size-fits-all solutions at KDG; what you will find are professional solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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  • Clockwise from top left: Biomedical campus, San Diego, CA Destination resort, Spain Conceptual drawing, Entry fountain, private residence Illustration, former Water Safety Patrol building Construction documents, George Williams Campus, Aurora University
  • Water feature, private residence
  • Restoration - Frank Lloyd Wright designed residence showing KDG designed grading, drainage, planting, accessibility, spa and reflecting pool with prairie-style tile inlay. Model built at KDG.
  • Model detail: Frank Lloyd Wright designed residence restoration plan.
  • Conceptual master plan for a co-housing community, or a communal living association modeled after a European housing concept. This was a sensitive site on a severely sloping aspect. This plan captures and recycles water, returns some water to the building for heating and cooling, and uses some to power a central fountain. Plan also includes a community orchard, playground, universal accessibility to community gardens, public resting and gathering space for community events.
  • Shorepath, private residence, WI. This is the first subsurface stormwater quality- and quantity-improvement device approved on Geneva Lake by Walworth County. Prior to this plan, stormwater quality and quantity mitigation into Geneva Lake was not typically permitted. This portion of the shorepath is at the toe of a large slope and effectively stages and improves the runoff prior to it entering Geneva Lake. The plan is therefore site-specific regarding calculations for water quality and quantity.
  • Conceptual illustration with plan view insert, custom designed entry fountain, private residence. Concept was approved by the client, and working drawings were made for the custom manufacture and installation of the fountain. Each tier of the fountain is capable of producing laminar flow of water. Fountain rests on the site of an old oak tree which was destroyed when the house was built.
  • The scale of your project should not limit the quality of service you should expect. Whatever the size or scope of the project, every design at KDG receives equal attention to detail. Pillar and courtyard entry, private residence.
  • Presentation board, rendered school system master plan. Working with the exisitng High School building, KDG created the building site for future middle school, athletic complex, and parking areas with access and egress for emergency vehicles and bus circulation. Project considered double current capacity of school system. The plan also addressed zero runoff from 100-year storm event. Highlights: -separate traffic circulation systems for high school and middle school -separate parking for faculty/staff, general student population, senior students, and guests -all athletic areas are legal for tournament play and include spectator seating and capability for lighting
  • Proposal for entry to school recognizing keystone design element. Brick was used to add warmth to the student staging area.
  • Optional conceptual plan for high school tennis center In response to our primary interaction, our clients are always presented with at least two design solutions. This allows them to consider more than one option, and often results in a melding of components of the designs to produce an end product which reflects their individual taste and needs.
  • From personal sketchbook: conversational storytelling area, Red Cliff Ojibwe Reservation. The Ojibwe have a strong oral history and respect for elders as Keepers of the Culture.
  • Awaiting planting: Craftsman inspired patio with planter, private residence Patio pavement is differentially permeable over a designed base that forms a final stage of runoff abatement before stormwater hits the slope into the lake.
  • Now planted. A juxtoposition of forms creates architectural interest as well as practical space for entertainment ranging from casual lakeside seating to space for catering and more formal seating arrangements.
  • View from seatwall of previous planter.
  • Detail, walkway to lakeside patio area.