Landscape Design Portfolio

Master plans, concepts, rendered presentations, quick conceptual sketches, detailed models - all work is unique for each design solution. You will not find one-size-fits-all solutions at KDG; what you will find are professional solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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  • One of three conceptual master plan for theme-based petting zoo. Building location and structure was a redesigned existing barn.
  • Color rendering for county review - M&I Bank, Delafield, WI.
  • Conceptual plan - entrance - retirement community.
  • Proposal for a clubhouse and community center immediately adjacent to Delavan Lake lagoon. Prime considerations included pedestrian and vehicular circulation, separation of commercial and public deliveries, and stormwater retention with runoff improvement prior to mixing with Delavan Lake water. This plan included emergent wetland design for stormwater quality improvement.
  • Overhead entrance arbor, private residence. In this project, the KDG-designed gate pattern was also translated onto doors. Plan also included a KDG-designed greenhouse addition.
  • One of two presentation boards for community review for a proposed project. The simple design mirrored the waves on the lake in the ground plane. Design opportunities included view from the road, view of lake from the building, privacy of the clients, limited budget. Lake Geneva, WI.
  • Second presentation board, previous project. Tenants of the building requested a minimal landscape treatment, which drove the open quality of this project.
  • One of several design proposals for a bio-medical facility in Southern California. This project was located on the shoreland of the Pacific Ocean and planting was naturalized and native species. The structure and the resultant landscape design were postmodern style. A forced perspective was created from the parking lot to the main entry of the building. Public and employee gathering spaces formed the perimeter gardens. This project design was done entirely by Shawn as an employee of another firm.
  • Alternative design for previous biomedical facility.
  • One of a series of columns that announce the entry to a private residence. Design was modeled after client interest and reflects architectural elements and color of the home.
  • Master Plan, Dog Park, Lake Geneva, WI Design includes separate areas for small and mixed-size dogs and addresses varied existing plant materials and topography. Included in the plan are mltiple seating areas, fountains for humans and dogs, and multiple waste collection stations. Each side has a target area for male dogs. Visual screening of both dog park and parking area was central to the design. Parking area is permeable to contain runoff from the site. Overall design ethic was proposed to be complementary to the existing neighborhood.
  • Parking area - Dog Park, Lake Geneva, WI The project entry and arrival sequence were carefully orchestrated to provide ease of access and pet safety. The structure was designed to complement neighborhood architecture, and house a dog-wash and covered seating.
  • Dog Park, Lake Geneva, WI.
  • Dog Park, Lake Geneva, WI