Landscape Design Portfolio

Master plans, concepts, rendered presentations, quick conceptual sketches, detailed models - all work is unique for each design solution. You will not find one-size-fits-all solutions at KDG; what you will find are professional solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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  • This was an existing site that had aged. Trees had to be replaced, planting had to be refigured, and stormwater had never been addressed adequately. What had been an open, unused space became a central gathering plaza for all the condominium members and guests, and also was placed over the final collection and distribution center for the water prior to entering Geneva Lake. First of three drawings of this project.
  • Continuation of previous plan. Redesign of the site worked around existing trees and introduced native and naturalized plant species which are watered mainly by passively collected rainwater.
  • Original project entry included an unmanned gatehouse and a mid-century entry treatment. The redesign utilized more region-specific, easily maintained planting and hardscape.
  • Courtyard design for an evolving campus plan. What was the blacksmith area and stable and housing for students was being transitioned into a recption center for the youth camp. Plan includes universal access, historical precedent, and budget.
  • This and the next eight images are from a longer presentation shown during the open house hosted by the client. Presentation entirely produced by KDG. Walworth, WI
  • This site was steeply sloping, with a 42 percent slope on the lakeside. All the water contributed to the runoff into Geneva Lake. Additionally, the house is in the lower one third of the watershed. The management of water on this site was critical and challenging.
  • Angel's Flight presentation.
  • Angel's Flight presentation.
  • Angel's Flight presentation.
  • Angel's Flight presentation.
  • Angel's Flight presentation.
  • Angel's Flight presentation.
  • Angel's Flight presentation Area in the back of plantings (lower right picture) will contain a custom designed water feature which was still being made at the time the photo was taken.
  • Conceptual plan for the entry to a retirement home. Plan was a result of multiple client meetings and participant suggestions for proposed uses. Planting was designed to be low care natives and naturalized species and provide continual interest for the residents and visitors. The albedo (reflected heat) of the parking lot was diminished by the plant placement and massing.
  • Planting plan for previous retirement home project.
  • Detail of previous project.