Landscape Design Portfolio

Master plans, concepts, rendered presentations, quick conceptual sketches, detailed models - all work is unique for each design solution. You will not find one-size-fits-all solutions at KDG; what you will find are professional solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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  • Entry column was modeled after existing smaller columns used as parkway guides within the subdivision. These large columns replaced minimal entry elements to create a sense of entrance and place. Vegetation around the columns was supplied and installed as a volunteer community effort.
  • Conceptual plan, planting, grading and stormwater management, small private residence. This is the first of three concepts.
  • Second in a series of conceptual plans for planting, grading, and stormwater management, small private residence.
  • Third in series of planting, grading and stormwater management conceptual plans for a small private residence.
  • Rendered presentation board -Courtyard paving pattern, Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL.
  • Conceptual drawing, first two of five master plans for entry, private residence, FL
  • Three (of five) conceptual master plans for entry to a small private residence, Florida.
  • Hardscape edging treatment.
  • Extended care facility with interior courtyard design for patients, including garden for Alzheimer's patients and circulation plan. Visual impact of the institutional style building was minimized by selective plant massing using native and naturalized plantings.
  • Beach house was designed for accessibility and as a nod to the history of the village. Design includes safe waiting areas for children outside the building, ADA accessibility, and plantings to complement the existing low-care public plantings.
  • Williams Bay Beach House, paver resolution detail at the confluence of two paths to the entry of the building. This shows a cost-effective yet still elegant paving solution.
  • Municipal beach house - seasonal interest.
  • Rendered presentation board for design competition, private residence, southern California. Design competition requirements included incorporation of existing sensitive trees on site into a landscape for residential use, maintenance of viewsheds, and privacy within a multi-residential community.
  • Construction plan for small entry court providing access to flagpole. Lakeland Medical Center, Elkhorn, WI.
  • Grading and drainage plan. Lakeland Medical Center.
  • Planting plan. Plant choice and geometry of the plant placement reflect the agrarian culture of the region. Lakeland Medical Center.