Landscape Design Portfolio

Master plans, concepts, rendered presentations, quick conceptual sketches, detailed models - all work is unique for each design solution. You will not find one-size-fits-all solutions at KDG; what you will find are professional solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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  • Rendered presentation board, conceptual master plan, West Madison Agricultural Research Station, an educational and research facility for development and use of improved landscape and horticultural methodology.
  • Multi-generational garden, West Madison Agricultural Research Station
  • Rendered detail- Foreground: Children's interactive water feature. Series of valves allow children to activate water that flows down a naturally occurring slope, flooding large leaf patterns of indigenous trees ultimately ending in agricultural plots. Original source of water was overflow from roof and parking lot. Midground: Children's pizza garden where children grow plants that can be used in on-site institutional kitchen. Background: The Maize Maze.
  • Rendered conceptual detail - fountain using recycled rainwater, West Madison Agricultural Research Center.
  • Construction detail, arbor/swing, private residence. Construction detail documents allow clients to receive equally-based bids from contractors. They also allow clients to build things themselves, if they choose. Construction documents give our clients control of project development. At KDG every part of a conceptual plan can be built. Carefully constructed details make reality of the concept developed by us through interaction with our clients.
  • Finished swing
  • Extended care facility, Milwaukee, WI Plan includes a multiple use garden which can be seen from each resident's room as well as from the dining room. The garden further provides a meeting space for residents and families, fosters resident interactions and exercise, and meets the requirements for an Alzheimer's Garden, providing a safe, contained area for outdoor stimulation and enjoyment.
  • Conceptual plan, Japanese garden, private residence. An exisiting WPA-era bridge on the property had fallen into disrepair. Restoration of the bridge was coupled with slight stream modification to slow the water on its way to Geneva Lake. This allowed the creation of a focal point for a Japanese garden planting.
  • Plan view of Lake Geneva Youth Camp and Conference Center, approved conceptual master plan. Plan shows existing grandfathered pier from the Maytag Estate, ADA accessibility to the piers, a central staging area for the campers, improved swim beach and fourth bay of treatment facility for runoff water from the upland reaches of the watershed, emergency access point to lake for EMS, and route for shorepath.
  • Rendered presentation board, Lake Geneva Youth Camp and Conference Center. View is looking toward former State Hwy 120 (now South Lakeshore Drive) from lake and shows the fourth tier of subsurface stormwater treatment bay. Heavily polluted runoff from the highway was running directly into Geneva Lake prior to the creation of this plan. This plan started the process which led to the Walworth county ordinance allowing stormwater quantity and quality mitigation in the shoreyard.
  • Rendered presentation board, Lake Geneva Youth Camp and Conference Center. Series of elements that are part of beach redesign: New beach entry, lifeguard chair, buddy tower, clock. Bollard is removable to allow EMS and other emergency vehicle access to the beach, piers, and lake beyond.
  • LGYCCC, as built.
  • Conceptual site plan, private residence, Barrington, IL. Concept shows a series of vignette perspectives illustrating plan-view concepts in three-dimensions. All of our designs are place-based; each site has unique opportunities that we develop in plan. Quick perspectives allow us to communicate how those spaces and design solutions interact, allowing our clients to better visualize the solutions and choose which is most suitable for them.
  • Elevation view for fountain concept, private residence, Barrington, IL
  • Custom fence detail, private residence
  • Sketchbook drawing - custom lamps